Reasons behind your sexual downfall

1The trend of discussing sex positions via sex chat by typing sex lines to each other is increasing with great acceleration these days. The exchange of attractive sex lines is also important before and during the sexual intercourse. It is not always useful to choose your personal bedroom to have sex; you can try to do it outdoor. As sex is all about getting pleasure and joy, so there is no harm in doing outdoor sex; even public sex gives more joy than done in isolation. Why do you do the outdoor sex during your honeymoon period only? You can make your every sex-day like the one; you celebrated in the course of the honeymoon.

If you start feeling less sexual attraction to each other, it means you’re following the beaten sexual styles and positions, and you need to bring innovation to your sexual activities to make it more attractive and hot. It is a natural principle of sex that when you try to give your partner more sexual pleasure, at the same time, you also get the same even more. For instance, when you exchange dirty sex lines with your sex partner, they get hot, and you also become excited even more. So, sex is all about giving and taking something. People, who only want to take and don’t pay attention to give something to their partner, soon meet their sexual downfall in their lives.

Words produce their impacts on everything and so, on sexual intercourse. It’s the words that can raise and down sexual feelings making them cold or hot. If your sex lines are not adequately dirty enough to arouse your partner’s feelings, you can’t get a satisfied sexual pleasure. It is only your words accompanied by oral actions that can kindle the spark of sex organs.